Press Coverage: “The KC Land Co.” Featured in Regional “10 Most Read Articles of 2020”

The Kootenai County Land Company has been featured in several major news outlets in the Inland Northwest following piqued public interest in recent land acquisitions.  Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, appreciation is forecast to continue strengthening with the Coeur d’Alene market up an astonishing 11.6% by Q4 2021, compared to Q4 2020, making it the 3rd strongest market in the U.S., behind Boise City, Idaho and Bremerton, Washington (Source: VeroFORECAST. See the original report here). With historically low inventory, rising home prices, and the influx of new residents, attention has turned to future development to prepare for the wave of growth.

Several major local news outlets have featured the Kootenai County Land Company and its future developments. The articles have verifiably piqued the interest of both prospective and current residents. The articles topped both categories, according to Google Analytics of the site:

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